Milk Booster MOMMA® Pregolact® - Value Pack 420g (1 Unit)
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Breastfeeding Supplement: Milk Booster MOMMA® Pregolact® - Value Pack 420g (1 Unit)
Price RM80.00 - RM90.00 RM98.50 - RM108.50
Brand MOMMA® Pregolact®
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MOMMA® Pregolact® + MOMMA® Evermom™
Breastfeeding Supplement: Milk Booster MOMMA® Pregolact® - Value Pack 420g (1 Unit)
Combo Price:RM159.00
  • 12 natural ingredients
  • 3 macronutrient and 14 micronutrient
  • High in Omega-3: 1000mg
  • 100% milk and low fat
  • No added sugar
  • No creamer and no maltodextrin

Disclaimer: All the shared testimonials are from our actual product users. The results may vary according to the user's health and condition.


MOMMA® Pregolact® is a milk booster for breastfeeding mothers. The combination of Activ-4 Plus™ formulation and 12 ingredients in MOMMA® Pregolact® helps to increase the milk production.


MOMMA® Pregolact® provides complete nutrition for both mother and her baby. This product contains essential natural nutrients such as DHA, calcium, folic acid, 14 vitamins and minerals. Not only that, MOMMA® Pregolact® comes with 1000mg of Omega-3 per serving.


MOMMA® Pregolact® is the winner for READERS' CHOICE AWARDS in 2017 which was organized by BabyTalk Malaysia.



[The new packaging is currently available for Chocolate 420g only]


1 box consists of 21 sachets / 1 bottle is for 21 servings. The weight is 420g.


MOMMA® Pregolact® is available in 2 flavours, Chocolate & Vanilla Bliss.


Our BEST SELLER is Chocolate. The taste is like a hot chocolate drink. This flavour is suitable for mothers who cannot taste and smell the dairy farm in the milk.



Vanilla Bliss is the right option for mothers who love to drink fresh milk. The taste is very delicious and so refreshing.



The result can be seen in 1 - 7 days with a correct and consistent consumption as recommended by our Health Advisor.



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MOMMA® Pregolact® is 5 times more effective to increase the milk production and is formulated using the selected of premium quality and natural ingredients:

  • Goat’s milk
  • Omega-3
  • Olive
  • Blackseed
  • Saffron
  • Pomegranate
  • Honey
  • Inulin (Prebiotic)
  • Raisins
  • Fig
  • Dates
  • Chocolate / Vanilla


MOMMA® Pregolact® is a pure milk product. It contains no creamer, no maltodextrin, no additional sugar and is low in fat.




It is easy and quick to prepare:

  • Add 1 sachet / 4 scoops of MOMMA® Pregolact® into 150 milliliters of warm water. Do not use hot / boiled water
  • Drink 1 time a day at night before bed in the first 3 days and observe the progress in term of milk quantity and thickness
  • On the 4th day, drink 2 times a day in the morning and at night if there is no significant difference


Ensure that the water intake is 3 liters a day, breastfeed the baby regularly and do the pumping at every 3 - 4 hours while consuming MOMMA® Pregolact®.


Note: For pregnant woman, drink 1 time a day only


Click to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


MOMMA® Pregolact® is HALAL certified by JAKIM and received Pengkelasan Produk Makanan from Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia.


HALAL Certificate Number - MS 1500 : 2009 1 006-07/2017


You can directly contact us via chat if there are any questions regarding the product. Our Health Advisor will assist you with a consultation session.


[Free Gift: Breastfeeding Plan is for first time purchase only]


If you have received an incorrect product (brand, flavour, size), let us know straight away via chat so that we can exchange the product. Please do not open up the PVC wrapping and the lid of the product


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