Milk Booster MOMMA® Pregolact® - Value Pack 420g (2 Unit)
Breastfeeding Supplement: Milk Booster MOMMA® Pregolact® Vanilla Bliss - Value Pack 420g (2 Unit)
RM169.00 RM217.00
Breastfeeding Supplement: Milk Booster MOMMA® Pregolact® Vanilla Bliss - Value Pack 420g (2 Unit)
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Price RM169.00 RM217.00
Brand MOMMA® Pregolact®
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  • 13 natural ingredients
  • 3 macronutrients and 14 micronutrients
  • High in Omega-3: 1000mg per serving
  • Pure milk and low fat
  • No additional sugar
  • No creamer and no maltodextrin

The Activ-4 Plus® formulation and the combination of 13 ingredients in MOMMA® Pregolact® help to increase the breast milk production

These are the nutrients that a breastfeeding mother will get in a glass of MOMMA® Pregolact®:-
➡ 13 selected natural and premium quality ingredients
➡ 3 macronutrients
➡ 14 vitamins and minerals
➡ 1000 mg Omega-3
➡ Folic Acid 160 mcg
➡ No creamer / maltodextrin
➡ Contains no added sugar
➡ 100% milk

◉ 21 sachets in each box
◉ Weight 420g per box
◉ Available in 2 flavors: Chocolate and Vanilla Bliss

➡ Sweet Whey
➡ Goat’s milk
➡ Omega-3
➡ Olive
➡ Blackseed
➡ Saffron
➡ Pomegranate
➡ Honey
➡ Inulin (Prebiotic)
➡ Raisins
➡ Fig
➡ Dates
➡ Chocolate / Vanilla

◉ Mix 1 sachet of MOMMA® Pregolact® with 150 ml of warm water
◉ Do not use hot / boiled water

◉ In the first 3 days, drink 1 time a day at night before sleep
◉ Ensure that the water intake is 3 liters a day, breastfeed the baby regularly and do the pumping at every 3 - 4 hours
◉ Monitor any changes in the quantity and concentration of milk
◉ If thre is no significant difference on the 4th day, drink 2 times a day (morning and night)
◉ For pregnant woman, drink 1 time a day only

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HALAL Certificate Number - MS 1500 : 2009 1 006-07/2017

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